Paper Vase Cover

Fighting Poverty with Design

Paper vase cover! from Pepe Heykoop on Vimeo.

Designed by Pepe Heykoop, the Paper Vase is a skin to cover any empty bottle and to turn it into a vase. Adjustable in size by rolling up the paper the vase cover will fit any bottle. The triangular structure allows the paper to set around its bottle. The paper vase comes flat packed in an envelope.

Conceived as a project in cooperation with the Tiny Miracles Foundation, the vase is manufactured by the very poor people in the red light district of Mumbai.

Speaking to Dezeen Magazine , Heykoop said “workers making hisPaper Vase¬†earned the equivalent of eight Euros per day, which is eight times the average wage in the Mumbai slum.

“The ambition is to have 700 people out of poverty in ten years time,” said Heykoop. “We are pretty much half way”.”